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For a business to grow globally, online presence plays an integral part and it helps in boosting up the image of the business and thus helps it grow. Thus websites are very important for creating an identity and improve the branding of the company. We at TS WEBTECH, handle all the issues of the website and come up with solutions no matter what the problem is.

Web Designing

The design of the website has to be catchy and at the same time, it should be simple. Did you ever know how long any website takes for making an impression in the visitors mind? It is just 2.6 seconds!

Colour combination and scheme

The combination of the colours and the scheme that we select for the website are eye catchy and thus gives a bright look. With bright, we do not mean it as gaudy, we make it look fresh and lively with a dash of colour!


We make sure we use a simple layout for not making it look complicated and difficult.


We ensure that we use the font, text, and the content in a prudent way so that it attracts and interest the readers and the viewers.

Navigation menu

Too many navigations annoy the user. Instead of adding hyperlinks and sub links to the tabs and menu, we keep it direct and simple, for grasping the interest of the viewers.

Why should you select us for your web designing project?

  • Reliable and have customers globally
  • Successful and timely delivery
  • Innovative and creative work
  • Experts who implement the latest tech trends in the work
  • In order to retain the customer relationship, we offer the consultancy services.

How do you know and acknowledge that it is a good web design?

The web design should be

  • Implementing latest trends in the work
  • keeping it simple and crisp
  • Interactive and interesting
  • Eye catchy!

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